Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Victorian Bush Fires in Australia....

There are many Fundraisers at the moment for trying to raise money for the bush fire victims of Victoria. Please note these fires have killed over 181 people, killed over 1 million Native animals, i have not heard a count for the Domestic animals (such as dogs and cats etc), but i did hear that one lady lost 100 dogs (just on her property alone), plus there has been reports of many farm animals lost in these bushfires.

This is so heart breaking as an 'Australian', and indeed... our pain has been felt by those around the world as i have seen the News coverage and read different forums on line where many people around the world send their sympathy and try to help in anyway that they can. It is very moving and I thank you so much for all of your Prayers and best wishes to the People of Australia.

Australian Red Cross
(For People)

Wildlife Victoria (For Native Animals)

RSPCA (For Domestic Pets)

If anyone can donate to any of these charities... I, for one would be ever so thankful.

Seven Sunrise Program (They update 'regularly' the latest on the Victorian Bush fires... the money raised and the latest death toll and the coverage of this terrible disaster of Australia)

Handmade Help ~ 2009 Victorian Bushfire Appeal

Also, Etsy is a running a Fundraiser for the Victorian Bushfire victims of Australia:

I would like to say my heart-felt thank you's to everyone from around the Globe who has poured their hearts out... in Australia's time of need. Thank you so much!

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