Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Day....

Another day has passed, and I still have no Jewellery to show you. That is because I haven't made any, lol. I wish that the price of silver would come down... and gold prices too, for that matter! lol
I cannot wait to get my tax return back, I have a lot that I want to buy when that comes back.

My passion I think is with making jewellery with the wire wrapping technique. But, I also want to get into Polymer clay, PMC etc. There are so many medias out there to try. I guess, i can just take it 'one step @ a time'... I get so frustrated with myself. I hope that I find a job soon, that would sure help alot right about now so that I can get up and running.

I want to make a business out of selling hand made jewellery.... and i am somewhat impatient with myself, cause it is taking forever for me to get started. I am currently researching for the best suppliers out there etc.
I have some pictures of some earrings that I made earlier this year, but I am not all that happy with them. Maybe I could post some pictures later of them? I dunno, i will see... lol

I hope that you are all having a great day...

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