Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm having trouble logging into Jewellery forum...

I'm having trouble logging into Jewellery forum...
I wish that I could log in to the forum, but all I keep getting is a blank 'white' screen. Is anyone else having trouble logging in there today?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


bev said...

I'm having the same exact problem.
I thought maybe I was being punished-LOL. I sent an S.O.S. to Barrie hoping she has an answer. I will let you know.
Hey,thanks for the endorsement-I didn't even know that you had visited my website.

Kewlie said...

Hi there Bev!
I emailed Barrie earlier too! LOL
I also thought that I was being 'punished' LOL
You're very welcome about the endorsement... yep, i visited your site the other night... i love your work on it... you have some beautiful pieces.
So, that makes three of us that cannot get into the forum then... you, Barrie and me, lol
I wonder if anyone else cannot get in there either?
I hope we can get in there soon :(

JoJoBell said...

I can't get there either!

Kewlie said...

awwww Joanne .... maybe everyone is locked out then. I'm sad.... i want to be back in the forum, lol
Do you have a blank white screen too?
I keep checking... but, i still cannot get in either.
We will have to go blog hopping on everyones blog til the forum is up and running again, lol