Thursday, July 24, 2008

I just made this cause I was bored lol

Hi there everyone...

As most of you would know I haven't made anything cause I haven't really had the supplies to do so.

But, in saying that... I had some Dyed Red Coral & Black Onyx Beads, and also some black artistic and silver wire (which I am not quite sure if it is Sterling silver or just plain silver wire? I got them mixed up, lol

Anyway... I know it isn't neat.... But, i just wanted to fiddle with some wire and beads. I guess I am just trying to see what this kind of design looks like in preparation for when i get more wire etc.

Anyway, here is the picture of it. (I haven't added a bail to it yet, I thought it might make a nice pendant? That is of course when I practice a bit more, lol)

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