Saturday, August 2, 2008

Here is more on the 'possible' recession....

Brace for economic storm, warns Kevin Rudd

KEVIN Rudd has warned Australians to brace for tough economic conditions as he refused to rule out a recession driven by what he described as the most uncertain global financial conditions in three decades.

Times are looking gloomy, I wish the economy would pick up...and pick up soon! It is depressing watching everything go up in price all of the time, and seeing people lose their jobs... it is sad.

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Yankees Creations said...

It ain't easy, so plan accordingly... I've had to resort to making parts for bead stores and checking over any stock in my opal pile, asking myself how I could better use it, took inventory of the wire and bought what I could. I have Christmas to look forward to and the customer orders are small and the time invested is a trade off at times. I've got customers breaking down my stock and selling it by the piece. Keep making jewelry and hold on tight.