Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Very First PMC3 Pieces

My Very First PMC3 Pieces....

The ring is so comfy, and I know that the pieces look kind of rough... but it was my very first effort. I was just kinda playing with it to see what it was like to work with. Now I got the feel for it, next time should be much better.
The pendant.... not really sure if I will keep it together like that, or maybe seperate them and have two separate pendants?
My wire wrapping on the ring is 'atrocious'!

Anyway, here are some pictures:


Barrie said...

Awesome job on the pmc pieces! (I hate that stuff! LOL). Your ring looks very comfy!! Glad to see you putting all your research into practice! :)

Kewlie said...

Hey there Barrie!
LOL yeah, that PMC is very FAST in drying! I wasted some PMC (Cause I was being too slow in making something, LOL) But, as I understand.. you can save the waste to make Paste?

Thanks fr the compliments, and I know they look rough... but yeah, LOL the ring is comfortable.

I have had a bad week as in trying to be creative. Hopefully, I will be back to normal soon. Thank you for your encouragement :)

JoJoBell said...

Great job! I like your new bannar as well!

Kewlie said...

Hi there Joanne!
Thank you so much for your positive feedback! Yep, I made the banner at:
I tried to give it a 'Silver effect' lol

Anna said...

Wow.... It's a great work!!
I like it very much!