Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

This is a Heart that I made from PMC3 ... the bottom of the heart has dyed red coral threaded through it. It reminded me of a Bleeding Heart... so, I named it that


Kewlie said...

I was sitting here looking at the heart pendant... and I think I know how I will finish it off (when I get more sterling silver wire, that is LOL)

I will most likely make some chain links (and somehow, incorporate the coils that are underneath the dyed red coal beads in the pendant)... and in between the chain links add some dyed red coral beads... to try and bring the chain and the pendant together.

Anyway, not sure how long it will be before I can make the chain... as like I said, I need to buy some more wire.

Yankees Creations said...

That's Beautiful, If you want good silver wire. Visit located in Tucson, AZ. Starr Gems is their trade name. I just ordered 3 oz. of fine silver 22gauge, about a 100feet for $85.00 U.S. Let me know if you need some.


Kewlie said...

Awesome Yankee! THANK YOU!
Do they Ship internationally though?
That sounds like a really good buy...what you just paid for that quantity of wire!
I have to wait til i get on top of some bills here first...then i am seriously thinking bout giving that site a try that you posted my friend.

Thank you also for your lovely comment too!

I really love your latest items that you have published on your blog too Yankee... the chain is so gorgeous... i love all of your pieces.